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Red Chili


"Only climbers know what climbers need." 

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Red Chili Circuit

The Red Chili Circuit rockshoe combines incredible comfort for wide footed beginners, all day climbers and those who favour a comfy supportive shoe. The newly developed rand provides optimal space for the toes and the slightly muted downturn supports you perfectly.

From £79.42 inc. VAT

Red Chili Circuit LV

The Red Chili Circuit LV is a durable climbing shoe that provides maximum comfort with less volume. They feature a newly developed rand that offers optimal space for the toes, whilst the slightly muted downturn supports you perfectly when stepping. Designed with novices and those who like comfort in mind, the Circuit LV still offers enough performance for advanced sport climbing and bouldering, multi-pitch climbs and longer training sessions.

From £79.42 inc. VAT

Red Chili Magnet

The Red Chili Magnet increases your attractive force when sport climbing or on multi-pitch routes. It is a performance-oriented climbing shoe that also offers outstanding comfort. The newly developed RC-TENSION + midsole covers the entire sole and comprises two combined midsoles to offer the perfect balance of sensitivity and support when standing on small footholds. The new last combined with the sock-like upper design ensures that the MAGNET still remains comfortable even when worn for longer periods. The tongue is made from breathable knitted fabric comprising recycled yarn.

From £123.54 inc. VAT

Red Chili Multipitch Shoe Keeper


The Red Chili Multipitch Shoe Keeper is an essential climbing accessory that will help secure your climbing shoes during long, multi-pitch routes. It will allows you to remove your shoes without risking them falling off when you arrive at the belay. Once hooked onto the shoe, it slips on like an anklet, meaning when resting at the belay station you don't need to be carful to not drop your shoes. Made of nylon it is stretch, super strong and lightweight.

£2.40 inc. VAT £2.12 inc. VAT

Red Chili Puzzle

The Red Chili Puzzle is the first performance-oriented climbing shoe to have been specially developed for the anatomical needs of growing feet. It is soft enough for children and young people to make the most of their natural "claw effect", while also offering sufficient pre-tensioning to allow the climbing stars of the future to fully develop their potential.

From £75.01 inc. VAT

Red Chili Sausalito

The classic Red Chili Sausalito gets a redesign and becomes even more comfortable! A new padding in the heel area ensures maximum comfort. Another new feature is the antibacterial footbed made from hemp which effectively blocks odours. Due to its slightly broader last shape and the large adjustment range offered by the extended lacing system, the Sausalito fits almost anyone looking for a super comfortable climbing shoe and it’s also suitable for climbers with problematic feet.

From £88.25 inc. VAT

Red Chili Session 4

The Red Chili Session 4 was originally designed as a rental shoe for use in climbing gyms and bouldering centres. However, due to its great feature set and durability it has now become an increasingly popular training shoe for indoor climbing enthusiasts.

From £83.83 inc. VAT

Red Chili Spirit

The Red Chili Spirit is a timeless rock climbing shoe designed for comfort and high performance. Whether you're scaling indoor walls or tackling long mountain routes, including those challenging 23rd pitches, this shoe ensures a comfortable and enjoyable climbing experience. The Impact Zone wedge integrated into the heel cushions each step, offering sustained comfort throughout your climbs.

From £105.89 inc. VAT