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Rhino Skin Solutions

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Rhino Skin Solutions Dry

The Rhino Skin Solutions Dry Spray features a plant-based, safe and highly effective antiperspirant formula designed to reduce sweat on the hands and feet. Ideal for rock climbing and various sports activities like weight lifting, CrossFit, and gymnastics, Dry Spray helps prolong skin endurance. Additionally, it can be used to maintain warmth and dryness inside gloves or boots, resulting in warmer hands and fewer foot blisters. Dry Spray offers worry-free usage, as it poses no risk of skin damage and can be applied without concern for creases or cuts, unlike Antihydral.

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Rhino Skin Solutions Massage

The Rhino Skin Solutions Massage Lotion has been expertly crafted with a blend of natural ingredients and essential oils to support joint and muscle recovery. This warming lotion is formulated to enhance blood flow to the muscles, facilitating recovery and minimising swelling post-intensive training sessions. Enriched with nutrient-rich, plant-based ingredients including arnica, turmeric, black pepper, and capsicum, it is scientifically proven to promote muscle recovery. Simply massage into sore muscles or joints to experience the rejuvenating benefits.

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Rhino Skin Solutions Performance

Rhino Skin Solutions Performance offers a unique blend of antiperspirant and non-greasy moisturiser tailored for climbers combating sweaty hands and feet. This innovative formula reduces sweat levels while promoting durability, maintaining tough, dry, and resilient skin. What sets Performance apart from other products is its lower concentration of the same active ingredient, effectively preventing splits and cracks that other products may inadvertently cause.

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Rhino Skin Solutions Repair

The Rhino Skin Solutions Repair lotion has been formulated with a non-greasy, plant-based blend to rejuvenate, moisturise and fortify skin impacted by climbing. Crafted with earth-grown ingredients, this Repair formula harnesses proven antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to promote skin regeneration, relieve discomfort, and support connective tissue health.

From £6.23 inc. VAT

Rhino Skin Solutions Spit

The Rhino Skin Solutions Spit Spray features an aloe-based, fast-absorbing formula that effectively combats fire and glassy skin. Enriched with plant-based active ingredients, it enhances skin hydration and elasticity to boost friction on climbing holds. Apply Rhino Spit a few minutes before climbing for pliable, durable, and flexible skin. This spray also aids in preventing crease splits and glassy skin.

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Rhino Skin Solutions Split

The Rhino Skin Solutions Split Balm is designed to aid in the healing of hand splits, gobies, and other prevalent climbing injuries. Infused with beeswax and enriched with skin-loving ingredients like vitamin E, arnica, dragon's blood, and tea tree, it serves to disinfect wounds and expedite recovery time. To apply, thoroughly cleanse the affected area with soap and water, gently pat dry, and then apply the Split stick. For optimal healing, loosely cover with a breathable bandage.

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Rhino Skin Solutions Split+


Rhino Skin Solutions Split+ is a whipped balm formulated to address severe skin damage resulting from climbing. This intensive formula delivers the same nourishment as the renowned Rhino Skin Spit but in a more concentrated form, representing the next evolution in skin and wound care. Enriched with a blend of natural, skin-loving ingredients including vitamin E, L-carnosine, and dragon's blood, it effectively repairs severely chapped, worn, and cracked skin by stimulating collagen production and supporting tissue repair.

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Rhino Skin Solutions Tip Juice

Rhino Skin Solutions Tip Juice is a high-strength skin toughener crafted to enhance crimping durability and reduce sweating with just once-a-week application. Specifically formulated for individuals with excessively sweaty fingertips, it's recommended for those familiar with other Rhino Skin products. Due to its potent drying properties, it's advised to apply Tip Juice sparingly for optimal results.

From £11.17 inc. VAT