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Fixe Anella


The Fixe Anilla is a welded ring made of PLX HCR steel, for equipping climbing routes and for work−at−height. Fixe has been working on improving its anchor range with a highly corrosion−resistant material (HCR) in order to increase safety in environments of all kinds, including marine and corrosive atmospheres, during a longer period of time.

£5.99 inc. VAT £5.46 inc. VAT

Fixe D-Belay Station


The Fixe D-Belay Station is a strong, traditional bolt, anchor chain designed for any type of sport climbing route, outside. Consisting of two anchor points and featuring highly durable 316L Stainless steel to protect it from the elements.

£28.99 inc. VAT £26.70 inc. VAT

Fixe D-Belay Station 2 Draco


The Fixe D Belay Station Draco is made from 316L stainless steel, which is extremely durable and corrosion-resistant. Features a 33mm TIG-welded ring that minimises the risk of corrosion, a six link chain, two 12mm hanger attachment points and a key-lock nose Draco carabiner for smooth clipping.

£78.49 inc. VAT £72.23 inc. VAT

Fixe Stainless Steel Hanger

The Fixe Stainless Steel Hanger is made from either Ecotri Zinc-plated Steel for indoor use or 316L Stainless Steel for outdoor use. Both of which make for a super-strong optimised hanger for building anchors, ensuring full contact and constant pressure when fitting to reduce the chances of it moving.

From £2.53 inc. VAT

Fixe V-Belay Station

The Fixe V-Belay Station is a belay Station (Type V), made in zinc plated steel for indoor use at climbing walls.

From £47.27 inc. VAT