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Spade Kayaks

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Spade Kayaks The Joker

If you thrive on powering through challenging waves and navigating swift eddy lines with the agility of a barracuda, the Joker from Spade Kayaks is for you. With its 274 cm length, optimised waterline and a sleek bow rocker, it satisfies your need for speed without compromising manoeuvrability. Easily executing precise turns and smooth pivots in eddy lines, the Joker is designed to elevate your paddling experience.

From £1,414.08 inc. VAT

Spade Kayaks The Royal Flush

The Spade Kayaks The Royal Flush, is a highly versatile river running kayak that’s suitable for paddlers in the 70 - 120kg weight range. Whilst the Royal Flush is a single sized whitewater kayak, smaller paddlers should have a look at the Spade Kayaks, The Black Jack. The Royal Flush is a great river running kayak, whether you’re an experienced paddler or getting out for your first winter season. There is a nice amount of rocker which will make for softer landings. The rails are also nice and soft, for plenty of forgiveness. The large easy access cockpit has a comfortable seat, which incorporates hip pads and a seat pad. There is also a backrest and thigh grips for additional support. The front of the kayak features a bulkhead footrest, which gives great protection against any impact.

From £1,414.08 inc. VAT
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