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Palm Folding Knife


The Palm Folding knife, a small compact river knife that's ideal for white water kayaking. Perfect for storing in the pocket of your PFD. Featuring a textured handle that's made from glass fibre reinforced nylon. The serrated blade is made from Japanese stainless steel and measures 2.75" in length. The blade easily folds into the handle when not in use. The handle of the knife also features a safety lanyard that will help to prevent dropping it into the river. The blade then features a recess that also makes it easy to open single-handed. General Features: -------------------- 2.75" Blade Serrated Blade Japanese Stainless Steel Blade Blade Recess for Hypalon Pull Tab Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon Handle Textured Handle for Enhanced Performance Safety Lanyard

£16.00 inc. VAT £14.64 inc. VAT

Palm Lightning


The Palm Lightning is an 18m throw bag for kayaking. It features an 8.5mm rope that then has an 8kN breaking strength. The rope is stored in a cylinder style bag that has a large fast pack opening neck. The side of the bag also features eyelets to secure to a Zambezi Line. The bag is easily closed thanks to the Magnetic fidock closer system. The rope secures into the base if the bag and externally there is then a quick clip eyelet. The rope on the other end is based around the "clean rope" principle and does not feature anything. General Features -------------------- 18m Long 8.5mm rope 8kN Static breaking strength 500D Cordura Bag Fast Pack Opening Neck Magnetic Fidock Closure Quickclip clean line attachment on base --------------------

£46.00 inc. VAT £42.07 inc. VAT

Palm Pro Throwline

From £43.90 inc. VAT

Palm Quick Release Belt

From £36.59 inc. VAT

Palm Safety Tape


Ideal for PFD storage, a 5 metre tubular tape for use in rescue situations. Fabric: Nylon tubular Size: 5m length x 25mm width Yellow for visibility Breaking load greater than 1000Kg Eye sewn in one end for karabiner attachement

£15.00 inc. VAT £13.72 inc. VAT

Palm Screw Gate Karabiner


General Features -------------------- Aluminium Construction Anodised Finish Screw Gate Opening 23mm Gate Opening Clean nose design -------------------- Breaking Strengths Maximum Breaking Strength 24kN (Major Axis) Maximum Breaking Strength 7kN (Minor Axis - Gate Open) --------------------

£20.00 inc. VAT £18.29 inc. VAT

Palm Side Swing HMS Autolock Karabiner


Large HMS karabiner featuring a side-swing autolock mechanism-------------- Material: Anodised aluminium weight: 93g --------------

£24.00 inc. VAT £21.95 inc. VAT

Palm Snake Sling


The Palm Snake Sling is a 4m length of 25mm Nylon Tubular tape. It has a breaking strain of 10Kn and each end incorporates a sewn end loop so it can be joined with a karabiner. This will easily do the job of a prussik loop and can also be used as a towing sling or an anchor point for rescue situations. It is made from a bright red so it’s easily visible and also so it’s easily identified from the Palm Safety Tape. The small compact size makes it easy to store in the pocket of your PFD. An essential piece of safety kit for all white water kayakers.General Features: -------------------- 4m Long Sewn Eyelet on Each End 10Kn Breaking Strength Highly Visable Compact for storage Versatile for a number of different applciations --------------------

£15.00 inc. VAT £13.72 inc. VAT

Palm Throwline Rope

From £1.04 inc. VAT

Palm Wire Gate Karabiner


A large wire gate karabiner that is ideal for white water safety and rescue. It is manufactured from a 13mm anodized aluminium that has been tested to 2200kg. The shape of the karabiner will ensure that the rope will sit at the base of the crab. The wire gate will fully open to give an overall opeing of 35mm. The main advantages of a wire gate over a solid gate is that its lighter, it does not flutter as much and there is a lot less to go wrong with it. 13mm Anodized Aluminium Bar. Tested to 2200Kg Shaped so the rope locates at the base of the karabiner. Bent Wire Gate. Wire Gate will reduce flutter. Wire Gate is lighter. Wire Gate has less to go wrong with it over a solid gate. Gate Opening of 35mm.

£16.00 inc. VAT £14.64 inc. VAT

Palm Zambezi Belt


The Palm Zambezi is a waist mounted kayak rescue belt that has multiple features to make it great addition to any kayak safety kit. Firstly and most importantly the Zambezi belt features a quick release system so it can be removed in an emergency. It also features an attachment strap that is perfect for waist mounting a kayak throw bag. In addition to that there is a small pouch which contains a 3m length of rope. This is ideal for use as a kayak towline. However many raft guides have removed the rope to use it as a storage pouch for a raft pin kit. General Features -------------------- Waist Mounted Rescue Belt - Padded for comfort - Quick Release for Safety Integral 3m Towline - Stored neatly in Storage Pocket - Built in Shock Absorber Storage Pocket - Secured by Velcro - Conatins 3m Towline - Ideal for storing a raft pin kit --------------------

£60.00 inc. VAT £52.31 inc. VAT

Peak UK Compact Line


£52.00 inc. VAT £47.59 inc. VAT

Peak UK Cowstail


£12.00 inc. VAT £10.99 inc. VAT

Peak UK Gear Belt


The Peak UK Gear Belt, a highly versatile kayak rescue belt that is also ideal for Gorge walking and rafting. This kayak rescue belt features a fully padded design for the optimum levels of comfort. The design also incorporates a quick release system so it can be easily removed if required. A second quick release attachment ensures for easy loading and transportation of a kayak throwbag. A zip access pocket which also incorporates a mesh base is ideal for storage of items such as a kayak rescue sling and a kayaking karabiner.General Features -------------------- Waist Mounted System - Ideal for White Water Kayaking - Ideal for Open Canoeing - Ideal for rafting Main gear Belt - Fully Padded for comfort - Quick Release System for added Safety Throwline Attachment - Quick Release for Safety - Easy to load Storage Pocket - Easy Zip Access - Mesh Based pocket for easy draining --------------------

£37.00 inc. VAT £33.86 inc. VAT

Peak UK Guide Belt


£32.00 inc. VAT £29.29 inc. VAT

Peak UK Kayaking Karabiner


High quality anodised Aluminium Karabiner, designed for Kayaking and Canoeing use. The bent wire gate allows for paddle shafts to be clipped into easily.Wide gate wire opening 6kN strength Fits over a paddle shaft Meets CE0120 standards Red anodized aluminum finish.

£16.00 inc. VAT £14.65 inc. VAT
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