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Sealskinz at Up and Under Cardiff

"Sealskinz waterproof socks, gloves, and hats are 100% waterproof yet extremely breathable making them an ideal choice for any type of weather and activity. From puddles and sandy terrain, to downpours and snowy trails, Sealskinz waterproof accessories have got you covered."

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Sealskinz MTB Mid Mid with Hydrostop

Sealskinz 100% Waterproof MTB Mid weight, mid length sock with a difference is perfect for a multitude of activities & conditions. With a special rubber seal around the inner top of the sock, making it ideal for when you think there may be some overflow over the top of the sock such as river crossings, wearing Shorts in the rain or biking trough puddles and streams. Making a fully sealed waterproof sock, that wont leak or slide down.

From £37.38 inc. VAT

Sealskinz Solo Merino Mitt


Close fitting inner gloves in fine Merino wool for increased comfort. Ideally worn under our range of waterproof gloves to give added insulation.

£10.00 inc. VAT £8.90 inc. VAT

Sealskinz Water Resistant Cold Weather Bobble Hat

The Sealskinz Water Repellent Cold Weather Bobble Hat uses a teflon coated outer acrylic fabric to help prevent water penetration. An inner polyester micro-fleece lining provides warmth and moisture wicking abilities. It feels like a 'normal' bobble hat to wear, but the water repellency adds an extra element of defence when the weather turns. It also helps decrease drying times so you can wear the hat again the next time you go out.

From £17.80 inc. VAT

Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Ankle Sock

The waterproof sock that started it all. Sealskinz designed the Waterproof All Weather Ankle Length Sock to keep you dry and on the move in wet conditions. Wet feet can lead to all sorts of not-so-good things outdoors, including cold and numb feet, blisters, frostbite, and worse.

From £26.70 inc. VAT

Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Ankle Sock with Hydrostop

Three layers make up the trusty Sealskinz waterproof sock: the nylon and elastane outer, the waterproof membrane, and the high merino content liner. These socks have an extra trick up their sleeve with the Hydrostop band that is silicone free and prevents water ingress through the top of the sock. Suitable for anybody who spends a lot of time out in the wet, be it hiking muddy trails or marshalling a running event, the All Weather socks will keep your feet warm and dry.

From £28.92 inc. VAT

Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Cycle Glove

the Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Cycle Glove are a perfect choice for wet weather cycling, the Waterproof All Weather Cycle Glove is designed to keep you peddling in rainy and wet conditions. You’ll stay dry and warm out on the trail, on an early morning commute, or on cold and drizzly rides on the road.

From £40.06 inc. VAT

Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Glove

The glove that’ll take you from dawn until dusk with guaranteed waterproof protection. Wet and cold hands can lead to all sorts of not-so-good things outdoors including cold and numb fingers, blisters, frostbite, and worse. Ideal for a variety of temperatures, the Waterproof All Weather Gloves will keep you dry and protected in rain, light snow, and mud.

From £40.06 inc. VAT

Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Insulated Glove

A hard working glove in cold and wet weather, the Waterproof All Weather Insulated Glove is designed to to keep you dry and warm no matter what the weather has in store. There are so many not-so-good things that can happen when you have cold and wet hands - blisters, numb fingers, and frostbite to name just a few. These lightweight, yet 100% waterproof, insulated gloves will keep you protected, dry, and warm from the elements - perfect to keep in your pack at all times.

From £43.90 inc. VAT