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Sidas 3 Feet Activ' High

The Sidas 3Feet® Activ' High insoles provide the pressure distribution and the support needed for feet with high plantar arches.

From £36.95 inc. VAT

Sidas 3 Feet High

Sidas 3 Feet High insoles help to stabilize your feet and retain them in the correct place inside your boots or shoes. This helps to distribute excess pressure, reducing overheating and consequent loss of fit and therefore greatly reduce the chance of rubbing and the formation of blisters or of foot movement produced toe pain.

From £36.95 inc. VAT

Sidas 3 Feet High - Wide

The Sidas 3 Feet High (wide) insoles stabilise and position your feet correctly in footwear. The wide version is tailored for broader feet and pairs well with Meindl Comfort Fit shoes. These insoles distribute pressure, prevent overheating, reduce the risk of rubbing, blisters, and foot movement-related discomfort, and can assist with plantar fasciitis prevention or recovery.

From £38.02 inc. VAT

Sidas 3 Feet Mid

Designed for people with a mid arched foot who prefer a little more comfort and cushioning than is provided with most footbeds that come as standard with the footwear. Will fit normal and high volume footwear. The heel cupping provided by the Sidas EVA Cup is excellent and this gives good foot stability and control, whilst the antibacterial bamboo cover and breathable perforations provide high levels of comfort and climate control.

From £36.95 inc. VAT

Sidas 3 Feet Mid Work (Wide)

The Sidas 3 Feet Mid Work (Wide) Insoles offer excellent cushioning and support thanks to their gel heel pad and anatomical shell. They also feature an anti-static forefoot strip, making them great for use in operational work environments. The EVA arch support encourages correct alignment to keep your feet supported comfortably and the anti-bacterial top cover promotes foot hygiene during long periods of wear. We stock them as a medium arch support wide footbed that fits wide boots and shoes like Meindl Comfort Fit Models.

From £36.95 inc. VAT

Sidas 3 Feet Outdoor High

The Outdoor High from Sidas is designed to meet the demands of outdoor life and tuned for those with high arches. Comfortable and breathable materials mean you can go on for longer without discomfort or pain when walking the fells or hiking the Beacons.

From £36.95 inc. VAT

Sidas 3 Feet Outdoor Mid

The Sidas 3 Feet Outdoor Mid insoles have been specifically crafted to cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, particularly those with medium-high arches. These insoles utilise comfortable and breathable materials, ensuring extended comfort and reduced discomfort or pain during activities like hiking the fells or trekking through the Beacons.

From £36.95 inc. VAT

Sidas 3mm Volume Reducer

The Sidas 3mm Volume Reducer footbeds have been designed to reduce the internal volume of your shoe or boot by approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of a UK footwear size. They come in handy when you have shoes or boots that are too large or if one foot is slightly larger than the other, allowing you to fine-tune the fit. Additionally, you can also adjust the fit by experimenting with various sock combinations and lacing techniques.

From £5.76 inc. VAT