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Since the invention of the first ever liquid-filled compass in 1933, Silva have gone on to develop products for all people who spend time on outdoor activities. Their aim is to ensure that you can go anywhere you want, at any time of the day, and in any conditions.

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Silva Field

The Silva Field is a compass that's ideal for beginners, crafted to cater to the needs of schools, youth groups, and recreational outdoor enthusiasts. This compass features a base plate with millimetre map-measuring capabilities and scales of 1:50,000 and 1:25,000, making it compatible with the majority of maps.

From £17.07 ex. VAT

Silva Orienteering Punches

Pin punches for easy attachement to a wood board or for hanging from a flag. 10 punches per set.

From £44.54 ex. VAT

Silva Ranger

Experienced walker/mountaineers compass. Duke of Edinburgh recommended kit. It has a longer base plate than the Field gives a greater level of accuracy and therefore safety. Other features include a magnifier.

From £22.27 ex. VAT

Silva Reflective Marker

Reflective orienteering markers that can be used both day and night.

From £4.45 ex. VAT

Silva 4 Militaire


The Silva 4 Militaire is practically the same as the Expedition 4, but graduated in miles rather than degrees as favoured by the armed forces. It features a full-sized base plate, magnifier and rubber feet for precision map work. Specifically designed for use by the British military, the base plate features 1:25k, 1:50k and 1:40k roamer scales, as well as centimetre and inch rulers. The needle and cardinal points feature a luminous compound which is activated by daylight and will maintain brightness for up to 4 hours in darkness. The Militaire 4 is a classic compass used by NATO forces around the world.

£37.49 ex. VAT £22.49 ex. VAT

Silva 58 Kayak


The Silva 58K kayak compass is easily attached to the front of the kayak via four securing straps. It is clear, easy to ready and can be used without having to remove your hands from the paddle. Silva have designed this compass with a flat base so it will sit easily in the front deck of your sea kayak. It features a large globe that has clear white detailing, the globe then features a yellow marker so you can make and follow accurate bearings while on your kayak adventures.

£52.49 ex. VAT £46.77 ex. VAT

Silva 70P


The Silva 70P is designed for mounting on to sea kayaks that have got the moulded in recess at the front of the boat. This sea kayaking compass is easy and clear to read. It will then rotate and tilt to maintain an accurate bearing as the kayak tips and turns. The 70P is easily retro fitted into a kayak simply by 4 screws that locate in each corner of the unit.

£76.66 ex. VAT £68.30 ex. VAT

Silva Binocular Pocket 10X


The compact Silva Pocket 10X binoculars are not just for bird watching – they are functional, reliable and sturdy enough for the great outdoors. Pocket 8X and Pocket 10X are both binoculars to count on when it comes to flexibility, quality and function. With quality optics and long-distance magnification these binoculars are the perfect aid for making route choices when out hiking.

£46.66 ex. VAT £41.57 ex. VAT