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Palm Pad Eye


The Palm's Pad Eyes are sold in as a packet of four, and when fixed tou your kayak are ideal to give extra attachment points for securing lines, bungees and other items. Pack of 4

£3.00 inc. VAT £2.80 inc. VAT

Palm Paddle Leash

From £22.86 inc. VAT

Palm Round Hatch Kit


Retro-fit kit for a Palm round hatch

£28.00 inc. VAT £26.14 inc. VAT

Palm Scupper Hole Plug Kit


The Palm Scupper hole plug kit comprise of six plugs that will suit Wilderness Systems Kayaks. Each plug also comes with a short rope lanyard, this is ideal for securing it to the kayak to prevent it from getting dropped. They are made from rubber and easily push fit into the scupper drains. The Palm kayak scupper bungs are ideal for boats such as the Tarpon 100 and Tarpon 120.General Features -------------------- Supplied a a packet of 6 Supplied with rope lanyards -------------------- Dimensions Top Diameter - 4.2cm Bottom Diamter - 3cm Height - 5.5cm --------------------

£12.00 inc. VAT £11.21 inc. VAT

Palm SOT Deluxe Backrest


The Palm SOT Delux Backrest is a high backed seat and backrest for fitting to Sit on Top Kayaks such as those from the Islander Range, but it's also compatible with many others. Materials: Nylon Lycra‚ 25 mm nylon webbing‚ Polypropylene middle section Weight: 932 g Dimensions: 39 cm H x 50 cm W x 4 cm D Other Features: Sticky PU print under seat to maintain position Attachment straps with attachment clips

£62.00 inc. VAT £56.60 inc. VAT

Palm SOT Surf Backrest


The Palm SOT Surf backrest will offer good levels of basic support to paddlers using sit on top kayaks. This well-padded and comfortable supportive backrest easily secures to a sit on top kayak via the four securing straps. The four separate anchor straps give enhanced stability and support. Each of these then incorporates a corrosion resistant steel clip so it’s easy to attach. The angle of the back support can then be altered by making different adjustments to the straps. General Features -------------------- Thermo formed foam back pand Corrosion resistant steel securing clips Nylon webbing anchor straps Four Anchor Straps for increased stability -------------------- Dimensions - Height - 27cm - Width - 51.5cm - Thickness - 4cm --------------------

£42.00 inc. VAT £38.41 inc. VAT

Palm Star Logo Hatch Cover


£8.00 inc. VAT £7.48 inc. VAT

Palm Tarpon Deck Fitting


£7.00 inc. VAT £6.53 inc. VAT

Pesda Press Discover Kayak Fishing


Discover Kayak Fishing - A book for those looking to take up the popular sport of Kayak Fishing

£11.99 inc. VAT £10.90 inc. VAT

Pesda Press Sit-on-Top Kayak


£9.99 inc. VAT £9.08 inc. VAT

Plastimo Bullseye

From £5.27 inc. VAT

Polyform PE3 Marker Buoy

From £8.42 inc. VAT

Pyranha Fusion SOT

The Pyranha Fusion SOT, the number one choice for white water kayaking. However, this sit on top kayak is also suitable for gentle river cruises and coastal exploration. This white water sit on top kayak is designed for the solo paddler up to 130kg in weight. The Fusion SOT kayak is also packed with lots of great features that include a self-bailing hull system, a moulded in seat unit, a rear storage hatch and a retractable skeg system for enhanced directional stability. There are also a few optional upgrades available to enhance performance and comfort.

From £683.99 inc. VAT

Pyranha Self Draining Scupper Plugs


£13.00 inc. VAT £11.82 inc. VAT

Pyranha SurfJet 2.0

The Pyranha Surfjet 2.0, a highly versatile sit on top kayak, that is perfect for kayak surfing. It can also be used for gentle coastal exploration. The Surfjet kayak features a very simple but effective design; the design of the Surfjet is all based around a self-bailing hull system for the best levels of safety. In the event that you capsize, you can simply turn it over and climb back on. There is a moulded in seat unit, moulded in thigh braces and also a model in carry handle. There are also a number of different kayak outfitting kits to make some upgrades; these will then offer enhanced performance and comfort. The front of this surf kayak also features a moulded in child seat for small children.

From £373.34 inc. VAT

Pyranha SurfJet Bottle Bungee Kit


£11.00 inc. VAT £10.00 inc. VAT