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TNP Allround Canoe Paddle

The TNP Allround Canoe Paddle is an excellent, high-quality paddle that features a high-strength polyethylene blade mounted onto a carbon-reinforced fibreglass shaft. These paddles are great for families and those just starting out in the world of canoe sport. It is robust enough to withstand the day-to-day stresses a paddle will endure, making it great for centre and club use.

From £35.63 ex. VAT

TNP Asymmetric Kayak Paddle

The TNP Kayak Asymmetric is a versatile kayak paddle that's available in three different sizes. It is also available in both right hand and left hand options. This paddle features an alloy shaft that is fitted with kayak drip rings, the paddle shaft has also been slightly shaped in the hand areas to make it more ergonomic. The blades are made from a tough hard-wearing plastic which offers reasonable levels of stiffness.

From £44.54 ex. VAT

TNP Asymmetric Kayak Paddle Junior

The TNP Asymmetric Junior Kayak Paddle is a versatile option, offered in three sizes and available for both right and left-handed users. It comes with an alloy shaft, equipped with kayak drip rings for added convenience. The shaft is ergonomically shaped in the hand areas for improved comfort. The blades are constructed from durable plastic, providing reasonable stiffness.

From £37.08 ex. VAT

TNP Asymmetric Touring Paddle

The TNP Asymmetric Touring Paddle comes available in three different sizes, as well as in both right and left handed variations. It features an alloy shaft that's ergonomically shaped in the hand grip areas and comes with drip rings. The paddle blades have been made with tough and hard-wearing plastic that offers a reasonable level of stiffness.

From £44.54 ex. VAT

TNP Asymmetric Touring Paddle Three-Piece

The TNP Asymmetric Three-Piece Touring Paddle is one of the most popular touring paddles on the market. It is an ideal first paddle for recreational kayaking, touring and kayak fishing. Made with a high quality aluminium shaft and strong, nylon reinforced asymmetrical blades, this is a robust entry level paddle that's ready for adventure.

From £50.48 ex. VAT

TNP Asymmetric Touring Paddle Two-Piece

The TNP Asymmetric is a 2 piece split kayak paddle that's perfect for using with sit-on-top kayaks and inflatable kayaks. This paddle features an alloy shaft that incorporates a central spigot, this is simply pressed and it will split the paddles in half. The blades are made from a tough, durable and hardwearing plastic. The shaft comes complete with kayak drip rings that will help prevent water running down the paddle shaft.

From £48.26 ex. VAT

TNP Combination Paddle

The TNP Combination Paddle is a versatile kayak and canoe paddle that features curved and symmetric paddle blades. They are mounted onto an alloy paddle shaft that has a split paddle joint in the middle. This paddle can be used as a single kayak paddle that measures in at 210cm or it can be broken down and made into two separate canoe paddles. If used as two paddles, they will measure in at 145cm and 155cm.

From £66.82 ex. VAT

TNP Rapa Glass 4 Piece & Bag

The TNP Rapa Glass 4 Piece (& Bag) is an emergency kayak paddle that comes supplied with a dry bag for storage. This split kayak paddle packs down small enough so it can be easily stored, even in the smallest of river running kayaks. When out whitewater kayaking, carrying the correct kayak safety gear is very important. After a capsize, if you loose your kayak paddle, getting to the end of the river can become difficult, however with a pair of split paddles you will be fine!

From £129.93 ex. VAT
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