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Streamlyte Kinetix SX Enthusiast

The Streamlyte Kinetix SX is a mid-range whitewater kayaking paddle that is designed and manufactured here in the UK. This whitewater kayaking paddle is ideal for river running and play boating. It will also be suitable for a bit of kayak surfing. The Kinetic SX features a pair of asymmetric paddle blades which are also slightly downwards tilting; they are then manufactured from injection moulded nylon 12. This offers great levels of stiffness and durability which in turns really does maximise the performance. The paddle blades are then mounted on a semi carbon paddle shaft which offers good levels of strength whilst not being too heavy in the hand. The lead hand of the paddle also incorporates a well-defined index grip; this helps to ensure you can "feel" the correct position on the paddle to keep your hands correctly aligned with the paddle blades.

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