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Zone3 Neoprene Headband


The Zone3 neoprene headband is easy to wear and great to take the chill off on colder swims. It doesn’t offer the same warmth as a full neoprene cap but is quick to put on and fits securely under a swim cap without being too obvious.

£15.00 inc. VAT £14.30 inc. VAT

Zone3 Silicone Swim Cap

The Zone3 Silicone Swim cap is the perfect addition to your open water swimming kit bag. It will help to keep your hair dry and ears covered which is handy when out in the wind or colder weather. It also smooths out your head to make you more streamlined in the water and therefore improving your swimming stroke.

From £5.70 inc. VAT

Zone3 Heat-Tech Neoprene Swim Cap

The Zone3 Heat-Tech Neoprene Swim Cap is the warmest piece of open water swimming headgear that we do. This really will prevent brain freeze, even during the coldest open water swim sessions. It's available in 3 sizes and has a 4mm smooth-skin neoprene construction. This offers a great level of wind resistance and the smooth-skin offers less resistance in the water.

From £36.76 inc. VAT