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Zone3 100% Natural Glide


The Zone3 100% Natural Glide is an anti-chaffing protective balm, which is made in Canada with 100% natural and organic ingredients. It provides fantastic protection against chaffing in wetsuits and other outdoor swimming gear.

£12.50 ex. VAT £11.92 ex. VAT

Zone3 2 Led Light 28L Backpack Buoy


The Zone3 Led Light Buoy shares all the features of their popular swim safety buoy and dry bag (28L). The Led bag also includes reflective logos and Led lights with a strobe option for low light conditions and enhanced visibility.

£49.17 ex. VAT £46.67 ex. VAT

Zone3 2 Led Light 28L Dry Bag Buoy


The LED Light 28L Dry Bag Buoy from Zone3 shares all the features of their popular swim safety buoy and dry bag. The LED light version includes reflective logos and LED lights with a strobe options for low light conditions and enhanced visibility. The buoy also features additional storage capabilities including a waterproof front pouch for your phone.

£40.83 ex. VAT £38.20 ex. VAT

Zone3 Apollo Goggles

The Zone3 Apollo Goggles have been designed for people with smaller heads, that struggle to find other goggles that fit correctly. This goggle is designed with a smaller, hydrodynamic and flexible frame that cuts through the water and conforms to smaller head sizes, without compromising vision or comfort.

From £15.84 ex. VAT

Zone3 Aspect Goggles

The Aspect Goggles from Zone3 offer superb vision and speed without sacrificing comfort. Built with Lucid crystal clear lenses, 100% UVA/UVB protection and anti-fog treatment, they are available in 9 different colour options with a choice of mirrored or clear finishes.

From £22.01 ex. VAT

Zone3 Attack Goggles

The Zone3 Attack Goggles have been built with ultimate flexibility and are designed to conform to a wide variety of face shapes and sizes. They feature a curved lens for enhanced vision and your choice of polarized or photochromatic lenses. These goggles are ideal for both open water and pool swimming.

From £19.65 ex. VAT

Zone3 Front Facing Snorkel


The Zone3 Front Facing Snorkel allows you to take a break from your breathing technique so you can focus on other areas of improvement. Whether it's your technique, strength or speed that's where this snorkel comes in to help.

£19.17 ex. VAT £17.12 ex. VAT

Zone3 Heat-Tech Neoprene Balaclava

The Zone3 Heat-Tech Neoprene Balaclava has been designed to fit underneath your wetsuit and provide a secure seal against water entry. It uses Zone 3's thermal fleece heat tech lining for greater heat retention, and has a high-stretch lining for a comfortable fit.

From £38.48 ex. VAT
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