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30kN Boa HMS Keylock iD


£25.99 ex. VAT

Classic Rocks


A set of 1-10. Classic Rocks are a great introduction to the Wild Country range and are perfect for first leads and progressing through the grades.Great price for first leads Set of 1-10 Not anodised

£57.08 ex. VAT £51.22 ex. VAT

Phantom Colour - 5 Pack


Made up of 5 original DMM super lightweight wire gate biners. Come in different colours to help organise gearStrengths: Gate closed - 23kN, Gate open - 9kN, Cross loaded -7kNGate opening Weight per biner - 26g Weight pack - 130g Beam construction: strong and lightweight

£41.66 ex. VAT £36.89 ex. VAT

Pro Key with Leash


The Pro-key is a well featured nut key. Designed to make it easier to help you free-up your 'too-expensive to leave behind' rack of nuts. Comes with a harness leash to prevent loss.Weight: 104g/3.67oz Leash clips onto harness preventing loss

£14.92 ex. VAT £13.38 ex. VAT

Protection Pack 1


Comprises Wallnut Set 1-11 and Offset Nut Set 7-11. With Free UK postage. Awesome savings!

£116.66 ex. VAT £103.32 ex. VAT

Protection Pack 2


DMM Wallnut Set and Torque Nut Set in a pack deal.Comprises Wallnut Set 1-11 and Torque Nut Set 1-4 with FREE UK postage. Awesome savings!

£129.16 ex. VAT £114.40 ex. VAT

Protection Pack 3


The DMM Protection Pack comprises Wallnut Set 1-11, Offset Nut Set 7-11 and Torque Nut Set 1-4. Free UK postage. Awesome savings!DMM Wallnut Set 1-11 DMM Offset Nut Set 7-11 DMM Torque Nut Set 1-4

£166.66 ex. VAT £147.61 ex. VAT

Spectre - 6 Pack


£37.49 ex. VAT £33.20 ex. VAT