Established in 1977
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Wild Country

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Wild Country Electron Sport Draw 6 Pack


If you had to choose just one draw for your rack, we would recommend our great-value Electron Sport. Why? Because it’s strong, durable and easy to clip, strip and grab. The asymmetrically shaped Electron carabiners have a distinctive, ergonomic shape and a wide gate for easier clipping, while their keylock nose promotes snag-free clipping.

£110.00 inc. VAT £98.84 inc. VAT

Wild Country Friend

From £61.46 inc. VAT

Wild Country Meshuga

Velcro shoes which provide excellent sensitivity and flexibility for vertical to steep overhanging routes, be it bouldering, sport or trad. The Michelin rubber sole provids excellent traction. The moderate to flexible stiffness and close fit allows you to gain more traction on overhanging sections to prefect that toe hook. The toe box is slightly wider and combined with a moderately downturned asymmetrical shape means this shoe is going to provide performance without crippling your foot!

From £79.99 inc. VAT

Wild Country Rock

From £9.41 inc. VAT

Wild Country Rockcentric

Wild Country have taken the traditional hex and brought it into the modern age. Attached to strong 12mm dyneema the Rockcentric is further reduced in weight by the use of thin and light but strong alloys.

From £14.17 inc. VAT

Wild Country Ropeman Mk 2

Built with a stainless steel cam, the Ropeman 2 works with a wide range of rope diameters and has become ‘standard issue’ for many mountaineering and crag activities.

From £45.43 inc. VAT

Wild Country Session Chalk Bag

Designed to be "Gritstone proof", the session chalk bag is tough enough for any climb.

From £15.10 inc. VAT

Wild Country Session Men's

From £66.01 inc. VAT
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