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Trainer Armour

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Trainer Armour Big Toe Hole Preventer


The Trainer Armour Big Toe Hole Preventer Patches will help to prevent your big toe wearing holes in your expensive running trainers. These self-adhesive patches will fit inside your trainers, just above the big toe area and are unnoticeable once fitted. The kit comes with a handy application tool that will help stick the patch in the correct place without any danger of getting it stuck to yourself or the furniture.

£6.25 ex. VAT £5.56 ex. VAT

Trainer Armour Heel Hole Preventer


The Trainer Armour Heel Hole Preventer patches are suitable for use with most types of footwear and will help to repair or prevent holes in the heel area of your shoes. They have a large 'wrap-around' style that wraps around the whole heel area, offering protection on the sides as well as just the rear. Each pack contains two 'one size fits all' patches that can be trimmed down to fit if necessary.

£6.25 ex. VAT £5.56 ex. VAT