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Unparallel Climbing Shoes are produced in their own UP factory in California. They have over 20 years of experience manufacturing climbing shoes, and equip all of their shoes with a unique high-friction rubber compound that is fully engineered and processed in California. UP Climbing Shoes are designed to improve performance and ensure that your climbing experiences are better than you’ve had before.

Aim higher and UP shoes will take you there.

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Unparallel Engage Lace UP

The Unparallel Engage Lace UP is a great choice of shoe for both new and seasoned climbers. Made with comfortable, US premium leather, the Engage lace up delivers long lasting performance and a fit that moulds to your foot. These all round rockshoes feature a fast lacing system and a RH rubber sole, which is Unparallel's most versatile compound, your footwork will be secure everywhere from the gym to outdoor climbing.

From £106.64 inc. VAT

Unparallel Flagship

The Unparallel Flagship rockshoes feature a durable, high-friction rubber toe cap and a one-strap closure system for a secure fit. The outsole is made from RS and RH rubber and split into two pieces. This all-encompassing shoe is built for all things from pinpoint precision work on high, outdoor sport routes, to low-percentage toe hooks in competition finals. It’s the shoe you want to have when ‘sending it’ is on the line.

From £129.20 inc. VAT

Unparallel Flagship Women LV

The Unparallel Flagship Women LV is a high-performance, low-volume rock shoe designed specifically for women. Featuring a separated outsole for maximum stiffness and power to the toe, it maintains sensitivity and feel to the rest of the foot without extra volume. With a 3D moulded toe cap and heel outsole in VC Pro high-friction rubber compounds, it offers precise micro body adjustments without transferring movement to the toe.

From £129.20 inc. VAT

Unparallel NewTro VCS

The Unparallel NewTro VCS is a top-tier rock shoe designed for high performance, especially on steep terrain and overhangs, thanks to its aggressive toe. With the Zero Closure System and an open U-throat, these shoes offer easy access without compromising performance. The synthetic upper, lined and randed with RA rubber, enhances edging performance on thin surfaces. Versatile across all climbing disciplines, these shoes are a superb choice for climbers at any level.

From £120.19 inc. VAT

Unparallel UP-Rise VCS LV

The Unparallel UP-Rise VCS LV offers versatility across different terrains, featuring a full RH rubber sole that balances friction and durability for effective edging and smearing. Its Velcro Closure System allows for precise tension adjustments and easy on/off functionality. Plus, the VD rubber toe patch enhances friction for toe hooks and provides added protection during crack climbing.

From £115.42 inc. VAT