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VE Paddles Aircore Creeker - Carbon Shaft

The Vertical Elements Aircore Creeker is one of the best whitewater kayak paddles you can buy. This carbon fibre kayak paddle offers some of the highest levels of performance and durability available. If you’re running hard technical rivers and pushing the limits of whitewater kayaking, this is the kayak paddle to buy. The VE Aircore Creeker features multi-layer prepreg carbon paddle blades which also contain a unique air pocket to make them more buoyant. The paddle blades are asymmetric in shape and get thicker as you get closer to the ends. These are then mounted on a straight full carbon paddle shaft

From £315.00 inc. VAT

VE Paddles Aircore Pro - Carbon Shaft

The VE Paddles Aircore Pro, the premium carbon kayak paddle when you’re really looking to tune up the performance of your freestyle kayaking. The kayaking paddle is perfect for kayak playboating due to the downwards tilting blades; this will ensure that they can pass closely to the kayak. Whilst the built in air pocket on the blades makes the paddle buoyant in the water, which is great for bow stalls! The full carbon construction gives the best levels of performance; these kayak paddles are exceptionally stiff for added power. When it comes to the durability, the blades get thicker as they reach the end of the paddle. Where the first sections of the paddle end doubles in thickness, the final tip section triples. This enhances the durability to the highest levels.

From £315.00 inc. VAT
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