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VJ-Sport Irock 3 Men's

The VJ-Sport Irock 3 Men's has long been the most aggressive VJ shoe without metal studs for softer conditions. Its specifically designed lug configuration gives optimal grip when it's slippery but still sheds loose debris that could otherwise become attached.  VJ’s signature Butyl rubber completes the outsole giving the Irock the world-famous grip it is known for.

From £104.19 ex. VAT

VJ-Sport Maxx

The VJ MAXx has been designed to take you further. Added cushioning units, larger shallower outsole lugs, and a wider toe box, makes the MAXx VJ’s most comfortable shoe. When the trails get long or very rough, the MAXx will keep your feet protected. The upper is designed with increased breathability whilst still being extremely durable and the fitlock system ensures a personal fit to your foot arch.

From £83.33 ex. VAT

VJ-Sport Ultra 2

The VJ-Sport Ultra 2 is an updated version of one of their most popular shoes! This version offers more protection, stability and durability, thanks to the new sole pattern and rock plate. Developed with input from elite runners, the VJ Ultra 2 is outstanding for longer distances, as the name implies. It is also an excellent choice for shorter distances when you want a little extra cushioning and comfort. To ensure exceptional grip, the Superior Contact outsole is made of VJ’s own famous butyl rubber.

From £107.66 ex. VAT

VJ-Sport XTRM2

The VJ-Sport XTRM2 is designed for Orienteering, Trail Running, Swimrun, Obstacle Course Racing, Sky Running and features a precise fit, durable and protective upper and grip for variable terrains. Awesome on wet rock and other tough terrain we love this shoe for challnges such as the Spine Race.

From £107.66 ex. VAT