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Lightwave t10 trail


The t10 Trail is a robust, lightweight tunnel tent designed to be an all-round performance tent at a reasonable price. It has different multi-pitch options, they can be erected flysheet-first, inner-tent first, or as a whole.

£299.00 inc. VAT £265.72 inc. VAT

MSR Hubba NX Solo


The Hubba NX Solo is a free-standing 1 person tent ideal for lightweight backpacking, particularly good in hot weather due to good ventilation which is achieved with the upper half of the inner being mesh and a flysheet which isn't close to the ground. It is an inner pitching first tent with a pole structure attaching to the inner and then the outer attaching over the top. This structure is free-standing with only the porch corner needing to being pegged out.

£455.00 inc. VAT £404.95 inc. VAT

Nordisk Lofoten 1 ULW


The further you have to go, the more you will love yourself for bringing the Lofoten along. We designed this multi-award winning ultra lightweight race tent to meet the demands for a reliable shelter, that you can pitch in an instant, carry without noticing and pack in the bottle pockets on your race vest.

£650.00 inc. VAT £597.13 inc. VAT

Nordisk Svalbard 1 PU


Svalbard 1 PU is a spacious and extremely stabile 1 person tent surpassing the magic 32,7 m/s in a wind tunnel test, which means that it will withstand a hurricane – if pegged properly, that is. The construction allows plenty of room for gear inside the sleeping compartment with some extra space for footwear and cooking in the small porch.

£190.00 inc. VAT £174.55 inc. VAT

Nordisk Svalbard 1 Si


The Svalbard 1 Sl is light, functional and spacious with the ability to withstand a hurricane (if pegged correctly!) It surpassed the magic 32.7m/s in our wind tunnel test and at the same time the pole construction allows plenty of space for storage inside the sleeping compartment with additional room for footwear and cooking in the small porch.

£280.00 inc. VAT £257.23 inc. VAT

Nordisk Telemark 1 LW


The Nordisk Telemark 1 LW is a great tent to take when backpacking light or anytime when low weight and bulk seriously matters. This fantastic tent takes all the awesome features of the Nordisk Telemark 1 ULW and by adding only 60g improves on durability by changing from carbon to alloy poles, which puts the LW firmly into the realm of awesome for lightweight backpacking, adventure race and mountain marathon use.

£500.00 inc. VAT £459.34 inc. VAT

Vango F10 Helium UL 1


The Vango F10 Helium Ultralight 1-man tent is for minimalist usage. The hybrid tunnel design creates a compact and reliable shelter for adventures in the wilderness. TBS® Pro and pre-bend poles deliver exceptional strength and stability. The strategic vents allow for a through flow of air, reducing condensation. Extremely lightweight with a small pack size, this tent won't hold you back.

£305.00 inc. VAT £266.64 inc. VAT

Vango Project Hydrogen Air


The Vango Project Hydrogen Air is one of the world's lightest twin-skin tents with AirBeam technology. The stable structure is easy to inflate with a small bike pump. Great for lightweight hiking or bike packing trips; the highly compressible structure packs away easily into small rucksacks and bike panniers bags.

£630.00 inc. VAT £560.70 inc. VAT