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Streamlyte Kidzstix Foundation

The Streamlyte Kidzstix Foundation, a great first time kayak paddle for the smaller junior paddlers. This child’s kayak paddle features a fibreglass paddle shaft which is then partnered with a pair of short fibre reinforced polypropylene paddle blades that are asymmetric in shape. With junior paddlers in mind, this child’s kayak paddle has 2 main additional features. Both the glass paddle shaft and the paddle blades have been reduced in size. The paddle shaft is narrower than a regular shaft and the paddle blades are also reduced in surface area. Both of these will then help to prevent long term muscle damage to developing children.

From £74.96 inc. VAT

Robson Rush Junior PE FG

The Robson Rush Junior PE FG, a great kayak paddle for getting the youngers paddlers out on the water. This junior kayak paddle is equally suited for whitewater kayaking and flat water kayaking. The Rush Junior has a reduced size plastic paddle blade and these are then mounted on a narrow diameter paddle shaft.

From £99.90 inc. VAT

Palm Colt Paddle

The Palm Colt, an entry level Childs kayak paddle that is suitable for getting into kayaking. This children’s kayak paddle is ideal for learning the basic skills and will also take you on to the first steps of whitewater kayaking. The Colt kayak paddle features a narrow diameter alloy paddle shaft; it also incorporates a pair of reduced area paddle blades. These paddle blades are asymmetric in shape and are made from glass fibre reinforced polypropylene. The reduced area blades are perfect for children, as it helps to reduce stress on the developing muscles.

From £42.85 inc. VAT