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Nalgene Wide Mouth Tritan 0.5L


The Nalgene Wide Mouth Tritan (0.5L) is an excellent drinking bottle, proven 1000 times with almost cult status. Made from BPA-free Tritan, this lightweight, durable and completely tasteless bottle features a tight-fitting, large closure and loop-top closure. Due to the large drinking opening, it is easy to clean and also dishwasher safe.

£11.99 inc. VAT £10.20 inc. VAT

Lifeventure TiV Wide Mouth Vacuum Flask


Lifeventure's Wide-Mouth Vacuum Flask is ideal for soups or hot drinks (and even hot dogs). The flask uses a screw-in stopper and the lid can be used as a mug, with an extra buddy mug inside too! The retractable handle helps pouring, particularly in extreme cold and can be used to strap the flask to the outside of a pack.

£20.99 inc. VAT £18.41 inc. VAT

Nalgene 1L Insulated Cover with Zip Top


Keep your cold water from turning tepid in hot weather, or from freezing in cold weather. The insulated cover fits your Outside Nalgene Wide-Mouth bottle perfectly, as well as other water bottles of a similar size. A zipped lid offers secure storage and a couple of stitched loops provide options for easy carrying or securing to a bag or harness.

£24.95 inc. VAT £21.22 inc. VAT

Nalgene Narrow Mouth Tritan 1L


The Nalgene narrow mouth Tritan bottle makes for an easy drinking experience. The closure and bottle create a Leak-proof system with no O-rings that can fall out. The bottle is dishwasher safe, just make sure the cap does not hit the heating element because if it does it will melt. All Everyday bottles are made with Eastman Tritan, which means they are super durable and resistant to tastes and odours.

£13.99 inc. VAT £11.90 inc. VAT

Nalgene Wide Mouth Tritan 1.5L


The infamously tough Nalgene 1l bottle has a big brother! Incredibly tough, large volume, and simple, the Nalgene BPA free Tritan bottles are about the most robust, leakproof and reliable plastic drink bottles you can get. This variation is a 1.5L silo which holds plenty of water but is still narrow enough to seat in rucksack side pockets.

£14.99 inc. VAT £13.12 inc. VAT

Ultimate Direction Body Bottle 500 Insulated


Your favorite body bottle, now with insulation to keep your hot liquids hot, and your cold liquids cold - over twice as long as a regular Body Bottle II 500.

£30.00 inc. VAT £26.98 inc. VAT

Raidlight Eazyflask

Soft flasks are a fantastic idea for easy access hydration in running packs and vests. As you drink the flask reduces in volume stopping the liquid from splashing around inside, as with standard rigid bottles. The large screw openings facilitate easy refills from natural sources or event feeding stations.

From £16.54 inc. VAT

Nalgene Wide Mouth Tritan 1L

The Nalgene Wide Mouth Tritan 1L is a one litre drinks bottle that is exceptionally hardwearing, impact resistant and resistant to staining. This bottle is ideal for extreme expedition work and can withstand temperatures of -135 deg c to 135 deg c.

From £11.90 inc. VAT