Established in 1977
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Sidas 3mm Volume Reducer

From £5.87 inc. VAT

Sidas Comfort 3D

From £18.77 inc. VAT

Sidas Cushioning Gel 3D

From £28.80 inc. VAT

Sidas Cushioning Gel Slim

From £12.53 inc. VAT

Sidas Foot Protector


Blister Prevention Patch. Perfect for Running, Hiking, Walking and trekking. Apply when you feel friction to prevent the development and have happy walking.Thickness: 1 mm

£7.00 inc. VAT £6.34 inc. VAT

Sidas Heel Lift


Heel wedge to prevent blisters. Achieve a higher heel position in your boot/shoe. This may reduce rubbing by pushing your heel into an improved position and therefore reduce the occurence of blisters Lift heel in footwear. Improve fit. Reduce rubbing. Stop blisters.

£6.00 inc. VAT £5.17 inc. VAT

Sidas Protection Kit


£14.00 inc. VAT £12.46 inc. VAT

Zamberlan Hydrobloc


The Hydrobloc proofing cream has been specifically formulated for full-grain leathers but will also be fine for nubuck leather also. This will improve the water resistance of the leather, which is essential for boots that do not have a gortex membrane, but also desirable for all leather products as it is important to keep leather in good condition to prevent drying out and cracking. 75g tube

£7.00 inc. VAT £6.23 inc. VAT