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Edelrid Starling Protect Pro Dry 8.2mm

Ropes are often exposed to sharp edges - especially when used in alpine terrain. As a result, Edelrid's well-established Starling half rope now uses their Protect technology to offer far greater cut resistance. When manufacturing the Protect ropes, the sheath is strengthened using a special processing method involving aramid fibers without impairing the ropes’ dynamic properties.

From £159.23 inc. VAT

Mammut 10.1 Gym Station Classic

The Mammut 10.1 Gym Station Classic is a durable dynamic rope for use in climbing gyms. It features a special braided core that's been designed to minimize slipping of the sheath, in particular during use as a top rope. The Gym Station Classic has a long service life, making it ideal for use in climbing gyms.

From £511.25 inc. VAT

Mammut 8.0 Alpine Dry Rope

The Mammut 8.0 Alpine Dry Rope has a lightweight construction and is a versatile double rope for ice climbing, mountaineering, multi-pitch climbing and alpine climbing.

From £147.97 inc. VAT

Mammut 9.5 Crag Dry Rope

The Mammut 9.5 Crag Dry Rope is a classic 9.5mm single rope that is the first choice for Mammut's athletes and many climbers as it replaces the best selling Mammut Infinity rope. Ideal for sports climbing or trad climbing the small diameter provides beautiful handling and low bulk in your pack, low weight combined with very high performance.

From £161.45 inc. VAT

Mammut 9.5 Crag We Care Classic Rope

The Mammut 9.5 Crag We Care Classic is a single rope that's been made using responsible resources, reducing Mammut's environmental footprint of their rope production. The sheath of the single rope is made from residual yarn left over from changes between different colours. Previously disposed of, this yarn is a high-quality, brand-new raw material. All 9.5 Crag We Care Classic single ropes therefore fully comply with Mammut's high quality standards. They are perfect examples of responsible use of resources and each rope is also a one-off, featuring its own individual pattern.

From £98.66 inc. VAT

OCUN Ropemat


The OCUN Ropemat is an easy-to-transport rope mat that will help keep your rope clean, safe and long lasting. Comes with a karabiner to help close up once folded away and 4 corner loops for rope ends.

£17.95 inc. VAT £16.24 inc. VAT

Trango Rope Trapper Tarp


The Trango Rope Trapper Tarp is a rope tarp & a rope bag. With the clever colour coded tie in points on the corners, the tope and bottom sides of the rope are easily identified, while the design of the tarp allows the rope to be wrapped fully and cinched down into a contained single unit.

£30.00 inc. VAT £26.72 inc. VAT

Alan Northrop Black Shrink Wrap 9mm - 4.5mm per metre


This shrink wrap is designed for cord/rope of between 4mm and 9mm diameters. It only comes in black.

£3.00 inc. VAT £1.79 inc. VAT

Beal Wall Cruiser 9.6mm Unicore

The Beal Wall Cruiser is intended for use in indoor climbing and is a light but strong rope ideal for young climbers. The diameter of this rope is suitable for beginners and makes it easier to place in the belay device. Thanks to its thinness and manoeuvrability it can also be appreciated by experienced climbers.

From £2.58 inc. VAT

Edelrid Tower 10.5mm

The Edelrid Tower 10.5mm is a dynamic climbing rope that is ideal for use in the commercial environment. This dynamic rope is perfect for use on climbing walls or in situations where most of the usage will be done while top roping.

From £3.06 inc. VAT