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Kajak Sport Round LRC Hatch

From £13.00 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Sea Performance Carbon


The Kajak Sport Sea Performance Carbon, possibly the highest specification carbon sea kayak paddle available. This 2 piece sea kayak paddle really does stand out from the rest. The sea performance is a low angle kayak paddle that features long slender blades; it also incorporates a full carbon construction which is also part of the full carbon paddle shaft. The carbon paddle shaft features Kayak sport split connector which not only adjusts the length of the paddle from 215cm up to 225cm. But it also controls the kayak paddle feather. The angle of kayak paddle feather can then be changed from 0 degrees, right the way through to 90 degrees. It then has the option to stop at any requirement in-between. But there are markings at every 10 degrees to guide you. Also featured on the shaft is a moulded in index grip aids lining your hand correctly with the kayak paddle blade.

£460.00 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Self Rescue Clamps


The Kayak Sport Self Rescue Clamps redefine the levels of safet for the solo paddlers out there. These kayak paddle grips come supplied as a pair; and can be easily retro fitted to most kayaks. In the event of a capsize, you can turn your kayak back over and secure your paddle into the grips. You can then add your paddle float to the blade and you will then have a safe and stable platform to aid your re entry into the kayak. The locking mechanism that kayak sport have devekloepd is quick and easy to use even with cold and wet hands. General Features -------------------- Supplied as a pair Easy to fit - Only 2 x 6mm drill holes required. - 1 drill hole per clamp Easy to use -------------------- Clamp Length - 10.3cm Clamp Width - 4.6cm Clamp Height - 5.8cm Clamp Weight - 298 grams --------------------

£46.99 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Self Rescue Grips


General Features --------------------

£37.99 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Shaft Ferrule

From £19.99 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Skeg System 4


£74.99 inc. VAT

Mcmurdo Fast Find 220


£340.00 inc. VAT

North Shore Atlantic RM

From £1,745.00 inc. VAT

Ocean Signal RescueME EDF1


£112.16 inc. VAT £105.54 inc. VAT

Ocean Signal RescueME PLB1


£296.33 inc. VAT £292.63 inc. VAT

Overboard Kayak Deck Bag

From £41.33 inc. VAT

P & H Aries

From £3,373.10 inc. VAT

P & H Cetus

From £3,402.36 inc. VAT