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Terra Nova Superlite Bothy 4


The Terra Nova Superlite Bothy 4 is an essential piece of kit for mountain leaders and rescue organisations all over the world. This is the lightweight version of the regular bothy bags from Terra Nova and when in use it allows users to create a microclimate that is warm and dry in emergency situations, or when you need to escape the elements! This super light version ensures that there's enough space left in your pack for other kit and essentials.

£199.00 inc. VAT £139.00 inc. VAT

Nordisk Telemark 2 LW


The Nordisk Telemark 2 LW is a great tent to take for backpacking light or anytime when low weight and bulk seriously matters. This fantastic 2 person tent takes all the awesome design, features and materials of the Nordisk Telemark 1 LW and by adding only 120g creates an extra 37cm of width within the inner tent, which puts the Nordisk Telemark 2 LW firmly into the realm of awesome for 2 people lightweight backpacking.

£662.00 inc. VAT £464.99 inc. VAT

Mountain Hardwear Lamina 15F/-9C Women's


The Women's Lamina 15F/-9C Sleeping Bag by Mountain Hardwear is perfect for winter expeditions, alpine missions or multi-day treks and adventures. The Lamina series sets the bar high for synthetic sleeping bags. Their lightweight Thermal Q insulation was designed for nights out in damp or wet conditions. With its clever construction, it eliminates those cold spots that keep you cold, keeping the bag warm and lofted throughout the night.

£149.26 inc. VAT £100.00 inc. VAT

Vaude Torii 2P


A lightweight, very versatile tent designed for couples and micro-families that place great value on quality. Long-lasting materials, high quality workmanship and best UV resistance. The rectangular ground space in connection with near-vertical walls and an airy mesh roof ensure a well-ventilated, extremely comfortable micro-climate and more livable space.

£1,000.00 inc. VAT £878.00 inc. VAT

Nordisk Svalbard 1 PU


The Nordisk Svalbard 1 PU Tent is a spacious and extremely stabile 1 person tent surpassing the magic 32,7 m/s in a wind tunnel test, which means that it will withstand a hurricane – if pegged properly, that is. The construction allows plenty of room for gear inside the sleeping compartment with some extra space for footwear and cooking in the small porch.

£214.00 inc. VAT £139.99 inc. VAT

Rab Women's Solar 3 Sleeping Bag


The Rab Women's Solar 3 Sleeping Bag is a resilient sleep system that excels in changeable conditions as well as being well-suited to regular camping and backpacking. With a nominal temperature limit of -6°C and an all-in weight of 1,250g, the Women's Solar 3 Sleeping Bag strikes a great balance between size, comfort, and multi-application flexibility.

£119.06 inc. VAT £99.98 inc. VAT

Nordisk Telemark 2.2 PU


The Nordisk Telemark Series is loved for its ideal combination of space, weight, easy handling and a sturdy construction. With the introduction of a 2-door PU version, it is not only suitable for ultralight adventures and long-distance running, it also becomes the obvious choice for hikers, looking for a sturdy and durable shelter that will neither fill up their pack nor cause a pain in the back.

£408.00 inc. VAT £250.00 inc. VAT

Rab Siltarp 3

The Rab Siltarp 3 is a light-weight shelter, designed with adventure races in mind, providing versatile protection from the elements for 3-5 persons. 3 x 3.5m rectangular tarp provides 11m² of coverage underneath an ultralight Sil-Coat™Cordura® fabric, which is fully waterproof and incredibly strong. The Siltarp is extremely versatile and can be set up using anything from trekking poles to trees. Multiple light-weight webbing loops allow for a variety of setup options and a stuff sack is included for quick-and-easy transportation.

From £100.00 inc. VAT