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Palm Caddy Trolley


£80.00 inc. VAT £73.16 inc. VAT

Palm Coniston Spraydeck

From £50.30 inc. VAT

Palm Ocean Pro 10m Towline


The Palm Ocean Pro 10m is a sea kayak tow line that easily mounts on the paddler’s waist. The waist belt is padded for comfort; it’s lined with a synthetic mesh for enhanced levels of breathability and also features a quick release system for in case of emergency. The bag itself has a top opening flap for ease of repacking; the bright yellow colour along with the reflective edging gives good visibility in poor light. Internally there is a 10m length of 6mm cord, the tow rope also incorporates a built in shock absorber for a smoother more comfortable tow.General Features -------------------- Bag Cordura Construction for durability Reflective Detailing for enhanced night time visibility -------------------- Towing System 10m in Length 6mm Polypropylene Rope Plastic Sea Dog Clip for easy durable clipping Marine Grade Built in shock absorber -------------------- Mounting Options Waist Mountable -------------------- Belt Quick Release Belt Padded for Comfort Mesh Lined for breathability --------------------

£65.00 inc. VAT £56.66 inc. VAT

Palm Paddle Float


The Palm sea kayak paddle float, an essential piece of sea kayaking safety gear. Having capsized this will help you get back in your kayak all on your own. It will support and stabilise you in a choppy sea. It has a small compact size so it’s easy to store when not in use. The paddle float has a sleeve that you insert your paddle into, you then inflate it around your paddle blade and a safety strap then secures this in position. The inflation hose has a twist valve for efficiency and there is then a large dump valve on the float itself. General Features -------------------- Large Inflation Tube Pocket to secure / store inflation tube Safety Strap to secure the float to the paddle PVC Coated nylon construction --------------------

£32.00 inc. VAT £29.27 inc. VAT

Palm Recessed Deck Fitting


The Palm Recessed deck fitting is supplied in a packet of four units. Each unit comprises three holes, one is vertical and this is for securing to the kayak, the second two holes are horizontal and these are for running kayak deck lines through. These will fit most kayaks but they do particularly work well on models where they have the space for recessed deck fittings such as the Tarpon 100.General Features -------------------- Supplied as a packet of 4 units NOT Supplied with fittings --------------------

£4.00 inc. VAT £3.73 inc. VAT

Palm Roanoke Spraydeck

From £123.36 inc. VAT

Peak UK 15m Towline


The Peak UK 15m towline is a highly recommended piece of sea kayaking safety equipment. It can be either worn around the waist or it can be mounted on the deck of the kayak (using included velcro). Peak UK have designed the 15m towline to be versatile and easy to use. The tow line features a 15m length of 7mm floating poly prop rope, secured in a zippered cordura case, reminiscent of mid 80's retro bum bags, which includes a mesh base for easy drainage. . The 15m of line can be adjusted to length using the the marine grade stainless steel clip, and there is a shock cord dampner to reduce the shock loading on the rescuer. Attachment to the rescued kayak is done using a plastic Sea Dog clip, and there is also a small float to prevent the end disapearing into the deep if you drop it while clipping in. General Features -------------------- Bag Cordura Construction for durability Mesh base for quick draining Reflective Detailing for enhanced night time visibility -------------------- Towing System 15m in Length Marine Grade Stainless Steel Towing Clip Integrated Dampener for added comfort Donut Float to help it float -------------------- Mounting Options Waist Mountable Deck Mountable --------------------

£60.00 inc. VAT £52.38 inc. VAT

Peak UK 5m Towline


Design for inland use, allows tired paddlers to be helped or kit collected.Waist mounted ripstop Cordura bum bag with rubber mesh quick draining base and reflective stripe 6 mm floating Polypropylene rope with clip / float Elasticated shock cord dampener to make towing smooth and comfy All fittings are made from marine grade 316 Stainless Steel including waist anchor D ring, rope length clip and boat clip.

£50.00 inc. VAT £43.64 inc. VAT

Peak UK Bladder


£15.00 inc. VAT £13.09 inc. VAT

Peak UK Cockpit Cover

From £30.55 inc. VAT

Peak UK Explorer Deck

From £69.83 inc. VAT

Peak UK iTow


General Features --------------------

£25.00 inc. VAT £21.83 inc. VAT

Pesda Press North & East Coasts of Scotland Sea Kayaking


£19.99 inc. VAT £18.18 inc. VAT

Pesda Press Northern England & IOM Fifty Great Sea Kayak Voyages


A guidebook for sea kayaking trips in the North West of England, and around the Isle of Man.Published by Pesda Press. Paperback. 272 Pages. Published in June 2011

£19.99 inc. VAT £18.18 inc. VAT

Pesda Press Oile?in


With decriptions of over 300 irish Islands, Oileain is the essential guide for kayakers and anyone with a small boat.

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.74 inc. VAT

Pesda Press Scottish Sea Kayak Trail


£17.99 inc. VAT £16.36 inc. VAT