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Petzl Sky Hook & Sling


Wide hook for aiding designed for larger features, bars and holes, also known as the Goutte D'Eau.

£17.95 inc. VAT £15.91 inc. VAT

Petzl Small Sky Hook & Sling


The Smallest Sky Hook we can find. Ideal for Bat Hooking and very small edges. It has a filed hook so it can fit in Drilled 10mm holes. For bigger edges and flakes the check out the Black Diamond Cliffhanger or Petzl Sky Hook.

£17.95 inc. VAT £15.91 inc. VAT

Black Diamond Padded Gear Sling


Black Diamonds bandolier comes with a well padded adjustable shoulder strap and a 9kN rating. Nut key and carabiner not included.

£20.00 inc. VAT £18.54 inc. VAT

Edelrid Adjustable Belay Station Sling


The Edelrid Adjustable Belay Station Sling is an adjustable nylon sling that enables the setting up of quick, safe and secure belays. Basically its a sling with a ziplock adjuster on it that means you can get the perfect sling length without having to knot your sling which weakens the system. Other uses include, an adjustable personal belay point, étrier, or block sling protection.

£32.00 inc. VAT £28.18 inc. VAT

Palm Snake Sling


The Palm Snake Sling, a 4m kayaking rescue sling that is made from a 25mm Nylon tubular webbing that gives it a 10Kn breaking strain. An essential piece of river safety kit, ideal for white water kayakers.

£15.00 inc. VAT £13.72 inc. VAT

Edelrid Absorber Sling


The absorber sling from Edelrid is just what you need when clipping the chains and rest on a sport route. The absorbing element allows for a super comfortable slump when resting and stripping the route. It conforms to EN355 which means it will hold a factor 2 fall too, so you know this is safe!

£32.00 inc. VAT £28.18 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Python 5m Ring Sling


The Whetman Equipment Python 5m Ring Sling is a kayaking safety tape that offers a variety of different uses. It is a great part of any kayaking safety kit as it’s compact and easy to store.

£18.50 inc. VAT £16.50 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Deck QR


A quick release element to build into your system as a safety back up for emergency release when towing or linking boats/gear in a water environment

£9.95 inc. VAT £9.46 inc. VAT