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Palm Maverick G1 2-Piece Paddle


The Palm Maverick G1 2-Piece kayak paddle is a great consideration when you’re going on lots of kayaking adventures. These split kayak paddles will come apart into two pieces; they are easily controlled by a small press button. This split kayak paddle is perfect for keeping in the back of your kayak whilst on kayaking expeditions, In the event of a capsize if you loose your regular kayak paddle you can simply carry on. The Palm Maverick G1 features a polypropylene paddle blade which is reinforced with glass fibre, these paddle blades are then mounted on a fiberglass paddle shaft.

£105.00 inc. VAT £96.80 inc. VAT

Werner Odachi


With an increased blade to shaft offset, this blade forward design gives a more powerful catch and more verticality through the power phase. Greater dihedral to stabilize powerful forward strokes through turbulent conditions. Long blade length (49cm) provides greater leverage. Race inspired blade tip. Symmetrical shape for more surface area, for more efficiency when matching a more vertical race stroke. Subtle scoop for more purchase. Along with carbon bent and straight shafts, optimized materials and manufacturing techniques to obtain lower weight, remain strong and provide a comfortable flex. Less fatigue on your body overall, for the longer races. Because you still hit rocks when you go fast, Dynel® edging is highly abrasion and impact resistant. Protecting the fine-tuned carbon blades from the elements.

£379.99 inc. VAT £353.87 inc. VAT

Palm Maverick G1 4-Piece Paddle


The Palm Maverick G1 4-Piece is the perfect emergency kayak paddle whilst out on your whitewater kayaking adventures. This split kayak paddles breaks down to four pieces; they are easily stored in even the shortest of river running kayaks. In the event of capsizing, if you let go of your regular kayak paddle and it carries on without you. Don’t despair, as this split kayak paddle will keep you moving onwards. The Palm Maverick G1 4-piece features a polypropylene paddle blade which has been reinforced with glass fibre, the paddle blades are then mounted on a fiberglass paddle shaft. This split kayak paddle will also break down into 4 pieces. The split system is controlled by three small press buttons which is easy to operate even in the coldest of conditions.

£140.00 inc. VAT £128.81 inc. VAT

Werner Surge 1 Piece Straight Shaft

The Werner Surge are full sized blades which are ideal for larger, more experienced paddlers. Increased blade to shaft offset for more verticality through the power phase. Design offers stroke versatility for everyday use.

From £270.06 inc. VAT

Werner Surge 1 Piece Bent Shaft

A sudden powerful movement through the river. For those paddlers seeking the utmost power and dependable catch in a high impact resistant fiberglass layup. Tested by some of the best expedition kayakers in the world on some of the most demanding rivers. The Surge delivers confidence with every stroke.

From £372.49 inc. VAT

Werner Strike 1 Piece Straight Shaft

To aim and deliver a blow or stroke to the water. Aptly named, the Strike is your tool for success in downriver situations that require power in a mid-size blade. Great for smaller paddlers and women looking to take advantage of all the benefits of a blade forward design.

From £270.06 inc. VAT

Werner Stikine 1 Piece Straight Shaft

The Werner Stikine is one of the best kayak paddles out there. Ideal for white water kayaking, this paddle is designed and built to the highest standards. This is a straight shaft paddle that features a full carbon construction. The paddle blades also have a foam core which makes then lighter and more buoyant in the water. The edges of the blades are also reinforced which makes them more durable. When it comes to size, these paddle blades fall into the Werner "mid-size" option so they are sat next to models models such as the Sherpa. The Stikine is available in a selection of sizes while the feather angles is set at 45 degrees.

From £353.87 inc. VAT

Werner Stikine 1 Piece Bent Shaft

The Werner Stikine is a premium grade white water kayaking paddle that is built to the highest possible standards. This crank shaft paddle has a full carbon construction while the blades also feature a foam core to make them more buoyant in the water. The blades then have reinforced edges to make them more durable. The size of the blade falls in the Werner "mid-size" which puts them alongside models such as the Sherpa and the player. These are available in a variety of sizes and also two different kayak paddle feather angles of 30 and 45 degrees.

From £465.62 inc. VAT