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Black Diamond Viper

From £188.56 inc. VAT

Blue Ice Bluebird Ice Axe

From £116.18 inc. VAT

Blue Ice Boa Leash


Lightweight Leash System for Difficult or Challenging Alpine Climbing Routes. Means you do not drop your tools, connects them directly to your harnessTwo different colors for left and right Possibilities for tool attachment over the blade or with a carabiner Strength: 2 kN Weight: 50 g the pair

£22.00 inc. VAT £19.67 inc. VAT

Boot Bananas Boot Bananas Winter Sport


£22.00 inc. VAT £19.58 inc. VAT

Boreal Arwa

From £321.71 inc. VAT

Boreal Drom Mid

From £142.97 inc. VAT

Boreal G1 Expe

From £643.97 inc. VAT

Boreal G1 Lite

A very warm and very light (2290g size 7)double boot with both an insulated linner and shell. This boot is capable of 6000m peaks and low 7000m peak such as Island peak, Mera Peak and Acongagua.Weight: 2290g (UK7)

From £413.96 inc. VAT

Boreal Lace Mountain (Flat)

From £2.70 inc. VAT

Boreal Nelion

From £241.30 inc. VAT

Boreal Nelion W's

From £241.30 inc. VAT

Boreal Triglav

From £241.30 inc. VAT

Climbing Technology Nuptse Evo Semiautomatic


Excellent value mountaineering crampon with semi-automatic binding suitable for B2 or B3 boots.12 points Easy to adjust for length Tempered painted steel Exchangeable anit-balling plates Weight: 1000g Crampon bag supplied

£100.00 inc. VAT £89.78 inc. VAT

Climbing Technology Roll N Lock


Ultra-light pulley and rope clamp for rope maneuvers and rescue.for use with ropes EN 892 / EN 1891 Ø 8 ÷ 13 mm; spring operated cam for use as a rope ascender; sliding lock for use as a pulley; it allows the hauling of light loads; exceptional use with webbing 10÷16 mm, for positioning adjastement; developed to work also on wet or dirty ropes.

£70.00 inc. VAT £62.86 inc. VAT

Crux AK37 RT

From £223.45 inc. VAT
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