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If you're not bothered about the weight of your tent, or need to house a family or big group, we have the tent for you here!

A lot of camping happens at campgrounds. You drive up, get your tent out of the boot and set it up. It doesn't have to be carried up a mountain, so bulk and weight aren't such an issue. For anything less than 4 people, have a look at the Wild Country Trispace and Venturi 2 or the range from Vaude. A number of these are good for gentle backpacking as well, being reasonably light and stable enough to pitch in less favourable places. The Campo Grande is an excellent choice. There are a few in there suitable for winter conditions, too. See the Mark II for an example.

For big groups, including families and centres, we recommend the Camplite 5 and Family Khamsin from Wild Country. These are big tents with a little bit of luxury and a little bit of privacy afforded by separate sleeping compartments. They are ideal for rainy weekends in Pembrokeshire, as the staff decided as they sheltered in the tent pictured at top right.

Many outdoor centres and scout groups still prefer tried and tested simpler constructions, which is where our ranges of tents from Vango come into their own. Lovers of the classic A frame tents will be pleasantly surprised.

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Highlander Ayr Folding Chair


£40.00 inc. VAT £34.84 inc. VAT

Highlander Ayr Folding Table


£22.24 inc. VAT

Highlander Ayr Rest Chair


£49.99 inc. VAT £44.66 inc. VAT