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Petzl Swan Easyfit Steel

The Petzl Swan Easyfit Steel is an easy to use full body harness for use in adventure parks. This harness has colour coded straps and a Fast LT Pin-Lock buckle to secure the harness, the Pin-Lock locking system can only be opened by the guide with a special tool.

From £115.76 inc. VAT

Petzl Swan Freefall Steel

The Petzl Swan Freefall Steel is a durable, full-body harness with a dorsal attachment point that's been designed for use in adventure parks. The dorsal attachment point allows for belaying special adventure park activities such as freefall and the raised position of the connection point limits any risk of the client flipping. The straps are colour-coded to make donning easier and its high levels of durability make for easy maintenance and an extended product life. Available in a single size with identification areas to simplify equipment inventory management.

From £115.76 inc. VAT

Edelrid Radialis Comp III

The Edelrid Radialis Comp III is a classic webbing full-body harness for use on high rope courses and adventure parks. The shoulder, hip and leg straps are colour coded to make the harness easy to adjust and put on, this also helps instructors to quickly and reliably check the harness before use. There are then size Slide Block buckles and pull-on loops at the end of the webbing, enabling optimum fit. The labelling field and integrated RFID transponder can be used to personalize the harness and make it far easier to document its use.

From £106.32 inc. VAT